Trevin Alger

Administrative Assistant

Holly Baker

Social Studies, Academic Advisor

My name is Holly Baker and I love all things Social Studies and English and teaching!! I just moved to southern Oregon in the summer of 2020 from Denver, CO with my husband, my two sons, and our four dogs. We are super excited to live in this beautiful place and explore and participate in our new community. We love camping and hiking and spending time outside. I have been teaching all things Humanities in Denver for 15 years and am super excited to be part of REACH. I love working with students and families and finding what you love about learning! My approach to education is very organic. I want you to find your interests and your passion in life and design learning that is meaningful to you and your future goals!

Ginny Barnes


Daniella Bivens

Business Manager

Devin Callahan

Devin Callahan

English Language Arts, Advisory Teacher

Howdy! This is Devin, the youngest teacher on staff, hailing from the city of St. Louis, Missouri. He brings forth a fresh perspective to the staff of seasoned professionals. He’s been teaching for over 2 years now and has loved every moment of it (even if he’s sometimes mistaken for a student). He’s passionate about literature, writing, and the entire study of the English language.

Devin is an adventurous guy, always looking for the best hiking spots, biking spots, restaurants, and secret gem spots you know of. He also loves to travel and has been across the country and parts of the world including places like Rome, Bermuda, Paris, Canada, and the great state of Texas. He is also a huge nerd and could quite honestly talk your ear off on anything to do with sci-fi, literary theory, science, movies, or anything remotely related to nerd culture.

He can’t wait to meet you! So bring your pens and paper because it’s time to become warriors of the written word!!

Jason Campbell

Integrated Math I, Algebra 1, Electives

I graduated from SOU in 2015. This is my 4th school year with REACH School. What I love most about REACH is the individualized learning atmosphere. I have lived in Southern Oregon my entire life! Before becoming a teacher, I was in sales for 15+ years. After college, I first worked in social services, was a part of the Jackson County Child Abuse Task Force, and supervised a residential boy’s home for troubled youth. I have five children of my own; so with work, school, and family, I do not have a ton of free time for extra hobbies. However, when I do find some time I love to travel and I am an avid motorcyclist. If you are taking one of my onsite classes you may hear a corny math/dad joke or two!

Naomi Cordeiro

High School Success Coordinator, Early College Advisory Teacher

Aloha! This is Naomi Cordeiro! Naomi is the High School Success Coordinator. She loves working with students. Naomi attended the University of Hawaii West Oahu and graduated with a degree in Psychology. Her family moved to Oregon from Hawaii in 2019. She worked in the school system in Hawaii for 5 years before moving to Oregon. Naomi is easy going and goes with the flow. Naomi loves spending her free time with her family. They enjoy taking weekend trips to explore different places. Her favorite place to go is Disneyland. Naomi also loves the Holidays. She is always up for a new adventure.

Gary DeSimone

Advisory Teacher

I enjoy working with students (and their families) as they choose the best path to achieve their educational and career goals. I have lived in southern Oregon for 8 years and live with my family on a farm in the Applegate Valley. I also teach at Rogue Community College and enjoy volunteering in the community.

I have traveled across the United States six different ways: By plane, bus, train, car, bicycle, and hitchhiking. I have visited 4 continents and hope to visit all 7 within the next 10 years.

A.S. – Applied Science & Math @ Nassau Community College
B.A. – Human Integrative Biology @ University of California-Berkeley
M.A. – Secondary Science Education @ University of Connecticut

Cecile Enright

Executive Director, Flight Instruction Advisory Teacher

Tina Ferris 2020

Tina Ferris

K-8 Multiple Subjects Teacher

Tina Ferris is a highly qualified elementary teacher with her Master of Arts in Teaching degree. Having a dyslexic daughter has inspired her to consistently seek additional research-based strategies for teaching students to read fluently. Her belief is that reading is the foundation for learning and fluent readers develop a love of the language.

Tina spent her early working years as a ballroom dance instructor. She taught in several ballrooms in California and Arizona. She traveled and performed with students all over the country. She currently teaches youth ballroom dancing as well as coaching and choreographing for the Southern Oregon Youth Ballroom Dance Championships. Dance has helped her develop perseverance and patience, which are skills that are vital for teaching elementary-aged students.

Her teaching style can be summed up in one quote: Success comes before motivation. It is extremely important to Tina that her students feel successful. It is her experience that not all students learn academic skills at the same pace or at the same age. Students develop a love of learning through their successes and developing their interests. She understands that each student has a variety of strengths just waiting to be recognized and nurtured.

Mackie Fleming 2020

Mackie Fleming

K-8 Multiple Subjects Teacher

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to inspire young learners? Have you ever wanted to make a difference in the lives of families and students? This has been my dream since I was in Kindergarten. My name is Ms. Mackie Fleming. I earned my Bachelors in Early Childhood Education from the University of South Florida, Tampa in 2000. Over the past 20 years, I have had diverse experience in a variety of educational settings in Florida and Oregon.
I enjoy helping families at REACH navigate homeschooling.

Together we can make a difference!

Megan Moritz 2020

Megan Moritz

Curriculum Library / Purchasing

Megan was born and raised right here in Grants Pass, Oregon, where she developed a love of small-town living in the Pacific Northwest. After several years at Western Oregon University, Megan switched tracks and graduated with honors from Western Culinary Institute in 2002.

Many years later, Megan found herself a home-schooling mother of five young ladies. Without a clue of what to do, she was introduced to River’s Edge Academy Charter School! After homeschooling (with Reach’s assistance) for eight years, she began working at River’s Edge Academy Charter School in 2019. Megan enjoys sharing her knowledge and love of all things curriculum-related with new students and their parents. When not at work, Megan stays busy keeping up with her circus and finding quiet places to sneak bites of chocolate.

Denise Purrier 2020

Denise Purrier

Administrative Assistant, Registrar

Denise Purrier has been connecting with students for years. Prior to being at Reach, she had the privilege to work at two colleges and an elementary school. The fondest memories in her educational employment history however were the 8 years of homeschooling her three children. In years gone by, Denise worked in the Graphic Arts field and still loves to dabble with computer graphic design.

At Reach, a typical workday includes talking with prospective students and families to explain the unique school model of Reach, especially the school’s vision of ‘achieving academic excellence through personalized learning.’ Denise is often found on the phone chatting with past, present, and future students and their families to answer questions and provide assistance. She works as a team with teachers and staff to help the school help students succeed.

When not working at Reach, she is actively involved with her family and church, loves taking trips to the coast with her wonderful husband, baking (famous for her apple pies), and reading. “A day reading is time well spent.”

Ashley Rappleyea

Ashley Rappleyea

Art Teacher

Introducing Ashley Rappleyea

What did you want to be when you were little? Did you want to be a fireman? Or a pilot? I first wanted to be an artist like my mom, then I wanted to be a famous photographer like Alfred Steglitz or Annie Leibovitz. Well, I’m not famous, but I am doing both those things that I love: art and photography. And even better, I get to share my passion for these subjects by teaching others how to be artists and photographers, too.

Emily Sieger

Instructional Assistant

Shauna Sorce

Outdoor Education Teacher

Rosemary Whitney 2020

Rosemary Whitney

K-8 Multiple Subjects Teacher

Hi all! I grew up in Southern Oregon and was homeschooled for all 12 grades, taking many of my highschool credits at Rogue Community College. After graduating from RCC, I attended Corban University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies. When I’m not working, volunteering, or traveling, I spend my time either with my family or reading, studying history, dancing, telling stories, and teaching myself various hobbies that were made obsolete sometime around the Industrial Revolution. I love working at REACH because it has a very flexible program that is easily tailored to the needs, strengths, and interests of the individual student; no matter how unique they are!

Kimberly Wilson

Advance Math Teacher, K-8 Multiple Subjects Teacher

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