REACH offers three programs to meet the diverse needs of a variety of students and their families.


K-4 Place-Based Learning

K-12 Personalized Learning

Flight Sciences Program

Early College Program


REACH offers a combination of traditional and place based learning at our full time Rogue River location. Classes provide the perfect opportunity for students to learn through outdoor adventures and the world around them.


Our K-12 Personalized Learning Program uses a blend of onsite and home-based learning opportunities to create a personalized curriculum for each student. Students have face-to-face meetings weekly with a licensed teacher, and the opportunity to attend onsite classes. Personalized learning offers students the chance to learn while pursuing their passions. Students have the opportunity to excel in academics and areas such as dance, art, 4H, sports and music through our community partners.


Do you want to earn college credits during high school?

This Dual Enrollment Program allows students enrolled in REACH to attend college during their high school years. We oversee course selection and grant credit from the student’s college transcript to complete high school coursework and diploma.


Starting in the Fall of 2020, River’s Edge Academy will be launching a Flight Sciences Program for students. Through a partnership with Southern Oregon Air Academy (an Oregon nonprofit), CLCA’s Flight Sciences Program will offer students the ability to earn their private pilot’s license while in high school.

REACH student who are interested in the Flight Sciences Program will need to apply through CLCA’s Academic Support Center. The student application to enroll in the Flight Sciences Program will be posted here after July 1, 2020.

You must be a REACH student to apply for this program.



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