Mission & Values


“Achieving academic excellence through personalized learning, and parent, teacher, community partnerships.”


REACH offers a partnership between families, community, and public education that is performance & standards-based, personalized learning, supported by the principles of multiple intelligence, service learning,  college & career readiness to students in grades K-12.


REACH School is based on the belief that learning best occurs when:

  • A caring adult is actively involved (parent)
  • The student’s learning styles are addressed
  • Real-life context-based learning is emphasized
  • Enrichment occurs through field trips, apprenticeships, small group classes, technology, etc.
  • Schooling is done without walls
  • Students are intrinsically motivated


At the heart of our program are our Academic Advisory Teachers formerly referred to as Education Specialists (ESs) and site-based teachers. In partnership with our parents, they help REACH fulfill its vision.

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To apply Parents/legal guardians/caretaker use the application button on our website or call 541-299-0299 will thereby qualify their student(s) as an applicant for the school.

Tel: 541-299-0299 | Fax: 541-299-0298
Tours: Info@reach-school.org

Rogue River Address: 270 W. Evans Creek Road, Rogue River, OR 97537

Grant Pass Address: 290 NE C St., Grants Pass, OR 97526

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