Is REACH the right education option for your family?

River’s Edge Academy Charter School started as a dream of Cecile Enright, who was both a parent and a professional. Very early in her career, she envisioned an educational partnership with parents that would personalize education so that all students could find success.  This work began in 2004, when she first learned about Castle Rock in Crescent City, CA.  She soon met Patty Wills and the adventure began. In 2010, she approached Rogue River School District with the concept for this unique school. REACH opened in the Fall 2011 with a cap of 100 students. Within a very short time, there were students on the wait list. Currently our enrollment is near double and we continue to grow each year.


“Achieving academic excellence through personalized learning, and parent, teacher, community partnerships.”


To offer partnerships between families, community, and public education which will maximize educational opportunities, promote excellence, and inspire students to learn and grow to their potential by individualizing education, nurturing the innate curiosity of our students, ignite our students’ passion for learning and prepare our students for lifelong success.


REACH School is based on the belief that learning best occurs when:

  • A caring adult is actively involved (parent)
  • The student’s learning styles are addressed
  • Real-life context-based learning is emphasized
  • Enrichment occurs through field trips, apprenticeships, small group classes, technology, etc.
  • Schooling is done without walls
  • Students are intrinsically motivated


At the heart of our program are our Education Specialists (ESs) and site-based teachers. In partnership with our parents, they help REACH fulfill its vision.